1. Accounts
    1. It is not allowed to create character with nicknames that:
      • are offensive,
      • contain the part of the sentence,
      • are nonsensical letter combination,
      • have invalid name format (two spaces, too many repeated letters "mammmmmma"),
      • are similar to the nicks of famous players/ members of the Support in order to pretend to be them,
      • are faking official position,
      • discriminate other players,
      • the player with an incorrect username will be punished by getting a namelock or in case of creating a few incorrect usernames, the banishment of those characters.
      • You cannot use e-mail address that contains your personal data.
    2. It is forbidden to attempt to steal an account and all goods that belong to player. The account of a player who has commited this offence will be immediately removed for the Destructive Behaviour.
    3. It is forbidden to share your account with other players. For sharing the account, more than 300 hours of punishment will be imposed.
    4. Each player is responsible for the number and passwords of his account. The APO Team does't bear responsibility for the consequences of loosing account data.
    5. Game Master/Tutor does not bear responsibility for any transaction made by the players. A player musn't ask for help in case of deceit.
    6. The accounts can be removed after 3 months of not logging in, on at least one character on the account.
    7. User agrees to process the e-mail adress for marketing purposes.
  2. The game
    1. Swearing and offending other players are strictly forbidden and quoting offensive speech.
    2. Theft of items, accounts, 'respawns' and other goods that belong to a player will be punished. However, the Gamemaster can't help to get back goods mentioned, without clear, unambiguous evidence.
    3. Selling and buying 'train rooms' is not allowed.
    4. Selling 'respawns' is not allowed.
    5. Disturbing the order by training 'mlvl', drinking beer etc. in the public place, like depot or temple and their surroundings will be punished.
    6. Using the public channels against their purpose will be punished.
      • Game-Chat, conversations concerning the game (without things contained in the section on Trade channels),
      • Trade-Main/Trade-Rook, selling and buying offers, cooperation offers (looking for people to do quests, requests for help with quests, recruitment to the guild etc.),
      • RL Chat, conversations not concerning the game,
    7. Using and hiding the game/server errors for own profit will be punished with removing the account.
    8. Any activity done to the server disadvantage will be punished (causing 'crashes', advertising the other servers etc.).
    9. Pretending to be the APO Team member or to be another player is forbidden.
    10. Referring to the APO Team member, without presenting the issue is forbidden.
    11. Using all types of programmes supporting and facilitating the game is not allowed! For using a bot that allows gaining the experience without player's interference, the character can be removed.
    12. Giving the items for free or selling it too cheap is forbidden.
    13. Publishing offers related to selling/exchaning/buying the accounts is forbidden.
    14. Announcing exchanging the items between the servers is forbidden (not applicable exchanging between APO servers).
    15. All racist, satanic, fascist, or antychrist statements are strictly forbidden.
    16. Houses on the facc area will be removed after 1 month of not logging in on at least one character on the account.
    17. Houses on the pacc area will be removed after the account promotion is over.
    18. Spamming - sending the same text few times in a row will be strictly punished.
    19. You have to familiarise with the information and rules in 'Houses' section.
    20. Hampering the access to any place on the map will be punished with banishment without warning. Not applicable when player is blocking other to protect against death (player killing, red skull) and thus does not hampering the access to any quest.
    21. Using the modification of the Tibia client, that enable being online on two characters at the same time (Multi Client) will be punished.
    22. The player is exempt from the above point to use the exchanges room (only for the purpose of exchange).
    23. Any action that may violate the dignity of a player or generally accepted principles of morality are forbidden.
  3. Game Master/Tutor
    1. Any Problems related to game may be reported using in-built function 'RRV' - Report Rule Violation. If you need to use it, press CTRL+R.
      • GM/Tutor does not have to answer neither the announcement whose content includes vulgarisms nor the announcements that do not include the complete description of the problem.
    2. GM/Tutor mustn't teleport players, help with 'quests', create items, etc.
    3. GM/Tutor is not liable for damages caused by server errors.
    4. False evidence which may contribute to punishing other player will be strictly punished.
    5. GM/Tutor can take whatever action he recognise justified in order to execute the rules (eventually he may remove the account or charater)
    6. A player can appeal against GM/Tutor's decision on forum in the special section, neccessarily presenting the evidence. In other cases, the appeals will be ignored.
    7. GM/Tutor isn't allowed to engage in any transactions made by players.
    8. GM/Tutor is allowed to execute the rules pursuant to provocation performed to verify the player's honesty.
    9. GM is allowed to execute the rules if he meets with violating of the rules during the game on a private character. If violations of the rules was directed toward a Gamemaster, he should not be guided by emotions and subjective feelings in determining the punishment.
Creating the account and logging in to the game is equal with accepting the rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be justified in case of rule violation.