APO 7.6 - Houses

Houses - Rules

  • One person can have only one house!
  • The house on Main can be bought by a person having 100 level or higher!
  • Guild House can be bought by a leader of well prosepering guild!
  • Buying a new house you must move out from the old one!
  • The house with no owner (Nobody) can be won on an auction!
  • The house on Rookgard can be bought by a person having minimum 30 level!
  • The house on Rookgard can be bought on action by a person having minimum 70 level.
  • The house on the pacc area is deleted after the premium time ends!
  • The house on facc is deleted after a month without logging in!

Spells for the houses

Incantation Description
aleta sio Guests list
aleta sio duo Second guests list
aleta grav The list of the owners of the particular door
aleta som Subowners list
alana sio Escape from the house
alana sio nick Throwing a person out of the house


Secure house sale system:
If you want to sell your house safely, you must go to NPC 'Notariusz', who is in the main city temple on the first floor. Then you must buy 'Akt' for 10k from him. When you have a freehold act, go to your house, whose owner you are, click on the act choosing trade, and then on a person we want to sell the house to.The freehold act will appear on trade, click on it 'look', to check if the name of the house will appear, if the purchasing person offered us a proper price, click on 'Accept' and we will be thrown out of the house immediately, and the person who paid for the house becomes a new owner.

  • the house can be sold to the person who doesn't have any house!
  • you can sell a house to a person who has min 100 level of experience (level)
  • remember to take your items from your house before selling it...
  • if a person won't have place or 'capacity' for other characters, house sale will be impossible!

a person buying the house should click 'look' on the document in the trade window, if everything is O.K, the name of the house will appear, if not, please do not accept the transaction.

Freehold act:

Free houses auctions

Currently, there is no free houses