APO contact e-mails are provided below:
  • biuro[at] - office mail
  • pomoc[at] - all questions, requests, major errors notifications, which shouldn't have been on the forum( for the sake of someone may use them).
    Please, send the deceits, stolen heroes, all transactions violating the rules notifications here. notifications. Remember that we aren't responsible for such transactions and often, because of the lack of the evidence we're not able to help. Each mail including the deceit notification must inculde the evidence too.
  • pacc[at] - all the matters concerning Premium Account, problems with payments, delivering of the payable account's delays, questions about the potential of the Premium Account, suggestions concerning PACC.. and all the other questions of this type
    Messages don't concerning the Premium Account, sent on the adress provided above, won't be considered. We apply for not spaming this e-mail adress - PACC is the only permitted topic.
  • game contact - after pressing Ctrl+R, the window, where you can privately report problems to GameMasters, tutors will appear - after sending your message, please wait (it sometimes happens that noone replies since there is noone from the team or the team members are engaged by something else )